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火星照耀美国 [2066: Red Star Over America] (Simplified Chinese)

火星照耀美国 [2066: Red Star Over America] (Simplified Chinese)

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A science fiction by one of a handful of China's sci-fi writers Han Song. "2066: Red Star Over America" is a reversal of roles between America and China. In 2066, China has taken over as the leader of the world and America is looking to China to save her from permanent ruin. China's trump card is the game "go", a dual between two opposing players with complex strategy. Narrating from the perhaps the 22nd century is Tang Long who was 16 in 2066. In response to the plea for help, the 16-year-old "go" prodigy is sent by the Chinese government to New York City with his teammates to rescue America. What ensued is a journey to discover what is wrong with all humanity.

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